4 Powerful Natural Antibiotics

For some reason, natural antibiotics can be the best alternatives to antibiotics from Canadian Pharmacy. It is true, synthetic antibiotics help us treat infections in our body fast. However, it can’t be denied as well that they also cause some problems to our health.

Each one of us has to face problems about our health in our daily life. The environment, in which we live in, is full of living organisms that are dangerous for our health. When we go out, we may find people coughing or sneezing, etc.

People are very much prone to viruses, bacteria, and many more organisms that cause different diseases. To cope with all these diseases we need to use antibiotics, antiviral, and anti-fungal drugs from Canadian Pharmacy.

Antibiotics have been used since 1940′ s. Antiviral and anti-fungal came into use later on. However, the irony is, all these medicines are overused these days. Although the trend mostly prevails in third world countries, but as a result germs are becoming resistant to these medicines.

Medical researchers are trying to find out newer ways of treating infections. Individuals are constantly exposed to all these germs that cause different diseases, such as RTI, UTI, GIT infections, and many more in different parts of the body. Many people do not want to use allopathic antibiotics from Online pharmacy. They are conscious about the side-effects, hypersensitivity and the extensive costs. They prefer natural antibiotics.

Many substances available in our daily routine can act as antibiotics. All these natural things protect us from infections. Natural antibiotics are present in herbal plants and some are available in our homes. For instance, if we look at the counter of our kitchen, we find 100% natural antibiotic, garlic. Other natural antibiotics in our routine use are cinnamon, honey, wild indigo and olive oil.


It has been used in the past for the remedy of infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Allicin is an active compound, which behaves like penicillin and it is present in garlic.

Cinnamon and Honey

The mixture of honey and cinnamon can protect from many diseases. They boost the immune system and blow away the germs by improving the functioning of white blood cells.

Wild Indigo

It is a strong germicide and analgesic. It also relieves respiratory tract infection as well as oral infection.

Olive Oil

It acts like a broad-spectrum antibiotic, antifungal as well as antiparasite.

With the over usage of synthetic antibiotics from Canadian Pharmacy, we have altered the natural balance of immunity. Extensive use of synthetic antibiotics has made many microorganisms resistant. Because of this, many infections cannot be treated anymore.

Our body has a great reservoir of useful bacteria in our gut that protect us from all GIT infections, and when we use synthetic antibiotics, it destroys them all. To avoid these entire problems one should prefer natural antibiotics remedies.