7 Pain Relief Remedies for Arthritis in Feet


Arthritis can occur in feet due to excessive wear and tear of the tissues in the joints that could be due to conditions like overweight, improper footwear or from traumatic experiences. This condition is rarely linked to hereditary factors. The most common form of arthritis in feet is osteoarthritis. Other forms include gout and rheumatoid arthritis. Naturally, it is painful to walk with this condition.

These 7 natural approaches are recommended to do to bring pain relief in the feet arthritis:

1. Weight Control

The first line of natural arthritis remedies is to control the weight if you are overweight or obese. This alone will give big contribution for getting relief from this condition.

2. Foot Wear

Comfortable lightweight foot wear with adequate cushioning and arch support will reduce the strain on the feet while walking. Pointed shoes with high heels are best avoided.

3. Exercises

One of the essential steps to prevent the condition getting worse is subjecting feet to light exercises to avoid stiffening.  You may want to include rotating (clockwise and anti clockwise), rolling and flexing exercises for parts of each foot.

arthritis in feetMassaging and proper stretching exercises for feet under professional guidance of podiatrist will help individual joints from contracting and keep them flexible while strengthening nearby tissues.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Joint problems need to be tackled with proper anti-inflammatory diet that will alleviate suffering. Consumption of foods rich in Omega-3 fats has been proved to help reduce arthritis inflammation. The best source is flax seeds besides olive oil, walnuts, avocado, salmon and sardine, cod liver oil, etc.

Other dietary sources that help are foods containing vitamins C and E, green leafy vegetables.

5. Supplementation with Joint Supplements

Look for natural supplements that contain chondroitin and glucosamine. Using both of them in combination are found to give substantial relief and improve joint movements.

6. Rest

This is often neglected. One has to consciously give his arthritic feet adequate rest, so the body can be given a chance to carry out possible repairs to the affected joints.

7. Creams or Rub-In Oils

One can use cream or rub-in oil that contains natural ingredients known to heal arthritic pain. Some of these creams or Rub-In Oils are extracts of boswellia, devils claw roots, chili peppers (capsaicin), alfalfa, essential oils (mint, cinnamon, wintergreen, etc) and certain spices like ginger and turmeric (curcumin).

For quick relief, warm water bath with Epsom salt dissolved in it will give short-term help. Additionally, treating arthritic feet to warm and cold baths alternatively is also recommended.

Arthritis in feet can be distressing and unsettling, but there is much that you can do with natural treatments that will definitely help.

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