Foods That Cause Inflammation in the Body

People who suffer from autoimmune inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, gout or polymyalgia rheumatica have to ensure that they avoid foods that cause inflammation in the body. These foods may look innocuous when consumed by a normal healthy person, but they tend to encourage inflammatory reaction in the body when you are already suffering from an inflammatory disease. Read more »

Anti-Inflammatory Foods List for Arthritis Sufferers

When you are suffering from arthritis, it is important to remember that besides the medicines that you may be taking, you should regularly include healthy and natural foods from the anti-inflammatory foods list in your diet plan. You will find that they can easily be incorporated in your recipes. Read more »

Top 5 Foods That Reduce Inflammation in the Body

Consuming anti-inflammatory foods is one of the best ways to naturally control or reduce inflammation in the body. The most obvious advantage is the absence of side-effects that other medications often have. By planning your eating habit based on this diet, it will also eliminate the effect of pro-inflammatory foods that provoke or cause inflammation. Here are the top 5 types of essential foods suitable for this diet. Read more »

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet Brings Symptoms Relief - Fact or Myth?

Because of foods that we consume daily play a significant role in making our body become sick or healthy, many people with rheumatoid arthritis eventually wonder if there is a specific diet that can help improve and relieve the symptoms of this disease such as joint stiffness, painful swollen joints, and even generalized fatigue. This article will help clarify this issue. Read more »

List of 63 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Choose from for Natural Healing

If you are looking for a real long and healthy life, anti-inflammatory foods are the key. In this article you will find a list of  foods to choose from to achieve that and help you fight against autoimmune and chronic inflammation disorders. Read more »

Planning Anti-Inflammatory Diet by Choosing The Foods Carefully

If you have inflammation in your body, doing an anti-inflammatory diet is as important and necessary as other therapies. Although it seems so conservative, this will lay the foundation for you to go to the next steps of the treatments. The proper diet will guarantee your body’s self healing ability and the medication working in synergy. As some foods can worsen your condition, you may want to choose your foods carefully. Read more »