Use These 3 Herbs Together for Stronger Anti-Inflammatory Effect


Asian countries have known since ages with the various herbs for inflammation treatment. These 3 specific herbal remedies when combined will bring very strong anti-inflammatory effects. Read the details.

Today, the trend of using herbs for inflammation treatment has spread out into the whole world, which calls them either herbal therapies or alternative medications. Numerous research have been carried out in the domain and they are all reinforcing the healing effect of these natural herbal remedies and are rapidly replacing synthesized medications on a large scale.

This is solely because the regulation of inflammation in the herbal way brings little or no side-effects besides strengthening the systems from within.

Let us have a look at few such herbs for inflammation treatment.


Turmeric extract is effective against all sorts of inflammatory disorders and is the first one chosen among herbs for inflammation treatment.

Those suffering from arthritis or tendonitis have immensely benefited from as little as 600 milligrams of it  (divided in 3 doses every day), provided that it is whole turmeric and not isolated curcumin (the major constituent of turmeric) with not less than 95% constituency.

herbs for inflammationThe effects show within a maximum span of 60 days, but it is contraindicated in people with gallstones and/or bile duct disorders. Pregnant women are advised to have it as food or as a poultice on the affected area.

It is also the presence of helenalin (a sesquiterpene lactone) in this herbal and its selective capacity to inhibit NF-kB (the transcription factor) and regulate the immune response that makes this natural herbal remedy effective as an anti-inflammatory drug.


500mg to 1000 mg of dry and powdered ginger acts as an awesome natural anti-inflammatory medication if administered for a span same as turmeric. No contraindications have been recorded so far, except that too much of it may produce a burning sensation to the tongue or in the stomach for a limited period.


An extract from the Boswellia herb, Boswellin is a general anti-inflammatory for common rheumatoid disorders except for those involving the joints. Boswellin is highly effective against achy pain, tenderness and muscle stiffness.

However, the best part is someone may take all these herbs in combination, thus reproducing the goodness straightaway threefold, very strong anti-inflammatory and warming effects.

The warming effects are helpful for improving blood circulation. Good circulation will help the healing process as the blood carries nutrients. On the contrary, the poor circulation can make the pain and discomfort get worse.

In Indian Ayurvedic system, these combined herbs for inflammation have been used to treat inflammation and pain related conditions as bursitis, sport injuries, osteoarthritis with poor blood circulation (spinal wear and tear) and joint inflammation conditions (rheumatoid arthritis).

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