Natural Anxiety Remedies to End Your Anxiety Problem

Are you looking for natural anxiety remedies to treat your anxiety problem? These are some of the remedies to use. You may order medications via Canadian Pharmacy.

Anxiety is one of those troubles that can’t be warded off completely, but troubles start when anxiety starts without a reason. Persistent anxiety apparently for no reason is anxiety disorder and the symptoms vary from being restless, feeling on the edge, ireful, impatient and a general lack of ability to concentrate.

This could be accompanied by other symptoms such as headaches, pain in the jaw, muscle tension, difficulty sleeping, drowsiness, a dry mouth, physical fatigue, indigestion, flatulence and a few others. Following natural anxiety remedies can be a great help in fighting anxiety.

Essential fatty acids

EFA has been found to ease both depressions and inflammations. The Omega 3 fatty acids are especially important in this regard. So wild salmon, walnuts and ground flaxseed must be your first choice among natural anxiety remedies.


Phyto- or plant chemicals are effective against inflammation. These are quercetin, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, Pycnogenol and grape seed extract.

Ginger and Turmeric

Both are extremely safe natural anxiety remedies that inhibit the production of prostaglandins – the pro-inflammatory, bodily chemicals acting like hormones – in response to trauma; affects blood pressure, metabolic rates and smooth muscle activities.


The Passiflora incarnate herb is an excellent choice among natural anxiety remedies. Its benzodiazepine and mexazolam like effects stop the feeling of nausea and vomiting, cures drowsiness and rapid heartbeat. It enhances the effects of the barbiturate pentobarbital (a sedative, hypnotic and antispasmodic medicine), thus enhancing sleep and curing seizures.

However, it is not recommended to be used with any other sedative. But it is highly recommended with bodyworks such as massage therapies and acupressure or Mind/Body techniques like breathing exercises, physical workouts, tai chi, yoga and meditation.


Valeriana officinalis has long found its usage as a remedy for insomnia; therefore, it also qualifies as a mild, natural anxiety remedy. However, sedatives, antihistamines and alcohol are strictly prohibited while on Valerian.


Gamma-aminobutyric Acid receptors, when affected, reduce anxiety and GABA supplements ingested relieves anxiety to a fair extent.

Essential Plant Oils

They are bergamot, geranium, cypress, jasmine, Melissa, lavender, rose and sandalwood.

Other natural anxiety remedies

Others alternatives include Pantothenic acid, Calcium/Magnesium supplements, B vitamins and Chamomile leaves. These are free from any sort of side-effects as well, unless administered in insane doses.