Natural Arthritis Treatment for Effective Arthritis Relief


Natural arthritis treatment is a treatment that generally recommended when a patient wants to avoid the side effects of prescription arthritis drugs. This alternative approach is safer than the drugs and it can be just as effective as them. However, it can’t work by itself. There are other factors that also essential to do in order to get a faster and lasting arthritis relief.

Arthritis is actually known as joint inflammation. This inflammation is the one that leads to swelling, pain, stiffness and limiting our movement. When the condition is chronic, it can damage the cartilage and increase pain even further. That’s why, this aspect should be addressed well in the treatment if you want to improve your condition.

Which One to Use

These are some good options of natural arthritis treatments:

1. Natural arthritis remedies for reducing the inflammation and the pain.

These well-known natural anti-inflammatory remedies can be from:

  • Natural Herbs that have strong natural anti-inflammatory properties such as bark of pine (pycnogenol), pineapple (bromelain), Boswellia, certain seaweeds (xanthans), aloe vera, ginger, turmeric herb.
  • Supplements that have strong natural anti-inflammatory properties such as serrapeptase or systemic enzyme.

natural arthritis treatment2. Natural arthritis supplements to help our body increase joint lubrication and rebuild joint cartilage such as glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM (methysulfonylmethane).

It is important to remember that in certain case or on certain people, these natural remedies or supplements may affect our body negatively. When that’s the case, then people may need to avoid them.

For example, when you have diabetes, taking glucosamine may raise the blood sugar. Consulting with your doctor will be the best thing to do before you want to take any of them, especially when you are under certain medication.

Two Essential Factor for Faster and Lasting Arthritis Relief

Any of the treatment that you choose should be followed by these 2 essential factors for faster and lasting arthritis relief, which are:

1. Exercises

This is one of the important elements in the treatment for increasing endurance and flexibility, building strong joints muscle, preventing stiffness, reducing pain, and keeping the overall health. Inactivity will only fuel joint problems.

There are many types of exercises that you can pick. Hence, the first step is to start working on the joints. If you have painful joints, you can start the exercise very gently, then slowly increase the pace, and change it by doing different one. This will facilitate movement of fluid and regain mobility. Water exercises are other options that get recommended when you have severe pain.

Basically, the exercises can be in the form that is suitable for your joint and easy for you. Just starting slow, having fun, and doing it regularly. If it is possible, you can ask help from physical therapist. She or he can help you arrange the special program that fits your condition.  At least, this will prevent you from doing wrong physical activity that can end up in making your condition worse.


The second essential factor in the treatment is managing your diet. You need to increase foods that are arthritis friendly like foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids (flax seed, walnut, fish oil, olive oil, etc), Vitamins B3, C, and E (bell peppers, certain fruits, broccoli, etc), selenium (Brazil nuts), beta-carotenes (watermelon, corn).

Taking plenty of vegetables and fruits, avoiding excess salt, saturated fats and minimizing consumption of sugar are also the things that you should do.

You shouldn’t forget to consume at least 8 glasses of water. Controlling your food for weight loss is important too if you are overweight. When your weight is reduced, you will also minimize the pressure on your joints.

One other thing is by making a diet list and monitoring closely the signs or symptoms that you may experience after you eat a certain food. This is important, so you will know which foods give you arthritis relief, and which ones give the opposite effects.

Although the combination of natural arthritis remedies or supplements with the exercises and diet will help you reduce the pain and help your body repair your joints in faster rate, their effect will be slow and gradual. You will have to follow the schedules on day to day basis with conviction that the natural arthritis treatment can give you lasting relief.

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  1. Silvia Rosich on November 27th, 2012


    I have a granddaughter that suffers, Juvenile Arthritis on one knee and one ankle, she is 33 months old (2 years 9 months). She is under the doctor’s care and takes an anti-inflammatory remedy, daily. If she continues to take this meds, her liver and other organs may suffer greatly. what natural remedies do you reccommend?

    Thank you,
    Silvia Rosich

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