5 Best Natural Sources to Increase Energy in Women Naturally


Are you looking for natural energy boosters for women? Avoid caffeine and consider using these 5 best sources as your solution to increase your energy naturally. Read the detailed information here.

You cannot just avoid stress in today’s life, but there are ways to keep it under check if you are willing to. There are specific natural energy boosters for women that are gifted by Nature; you only need an eye to recognize them and an open mind to try them out. And that’s not caffeine, mind it.

Despite the fact that caffeine deals with fatigue quite well, it is but a temporary solution and often grows on the user developing tolerance. The result is caffeine addiction, increase in blood sugar levels and depleted adrenal gland performance releasing more of cortisol (An adrenal-cortex hormone that’s released during times of stress and eats into the muscle mass to supply the liver with amino acids).

So, consider bee pollen, Siberian ginseng, Ashwagandha (withania somnifera), royal jelly extract and spirulina as the natural energy boosters for women.

5 Best Sources of Natural Energy Boosters for Women

1. Bee Pollen

From the Talmud to the Quran and Bible, the goodness of bee pollen has been preached everywhere; even the ancient Greek athletes depended on bee pollen for an increased strength, endurance and vitality.

Even USDA confirmed its anti-cancer properties, thanks to the 22 amino acids, the all-natural antibiotic factors, digestive enzymes, glucosides, phyto-hormones, minerals and vitamins present in it. But it is not for them allergic to bee products; in that case, even Royal Jelly is not for you.

2. Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is honey and pollen combined and housing the B-complex vitamins apart from other vitamins, hormones, enzymes and minerals. Bee pollen alike, this royal jelly comprises a fair amount of the essential amino acids along with natural antibacterial/antibiotic elements.

A great aid for those suffering from bronchial asthma, liver and kidney disorders, pancreatitis, stomach ulcers, weakened bone structures and problems with the immune system.

As a side-effect, it also rectifies any skin disorder that you may have. It is one of the great natural energy boosters for women. It is also a staple for weight lifters and highly active service dogs.

natural energy boosters forwomen

3. Siberian Ginseng

Ginseng found its use as an adaptogen some two thousand years back and is a proven phyto-drug that normalizes bodily functions thrown out of balance. It has been found to inhibit the body’s response to stress and minimize cortisol production besides boosting the immune system (increases the B and T cell counts).

It is also a great aphrodisiac that keeps depression away. Ginseng’s power to detoxify the body is well known, but do not expect things to improve overnight. It’s a permanent betterment that Ginseng brings and that takes time.

4. Ashwagandha

The herb, also known as the Indian Ginseng, has similar properties to that of Siberian Ginseng, only a lot less expensive. However, it is not recommended for people with acute liver and kidney disorders and those suffering from autoimmune disorders are asked to stay away from it. Combined with Tribulus, this natural energy booster also balances.

5. Spirulina

This is a food supplement prepared from cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and was first noticed by the Aztecs. A rich source to usable protein, Vitamin B12 and A, a total of 8 minerals, carotenoids and chlorophyll. It purifies the blood, increases its oxygen and nutrition carrying capacity, which translates into a boost in overall energy levels.

However, herbs must always be taken in combination and in set ratios. Therefore, it is always better to consult a herbalist first and opting for these natural energy boosters for women.

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