Turmeric Health Benefits Related to Inflammation


Turmeric is preferred for treating many inflammation conditions not only because it is a natural product, but it also possesses other therapeutic properties. These are some of its health benefits related to inflammation.

Healing Properties

Turmeric anti-inflammatory property has been a topic of intense research, especially for getting relief from arthritis and other inflammation conditions in the body. Many of these conditions are treated with steroids which are known to elicit adverse side-effects.

On the other hand, the anti-inflammatory action of this herb mimics the action of many of these drugs, e.g. hydrocortisone acetate and phenylbutazone, but without harmful side-effects normally associated with them.

Curcumin, one of the important ingredients in this herb, inhibits the actions of enzyme COX-2 in the body that is responsible for inflammatory reaction and pain associated with inflamed joint(s).

A lot of topics has been written about flavoring and coloring properties of turmeric herb, but the healing properties of this rhizome has come to the fore only recently.

Health Benefits

In a clinical trial, patients with rheumatoid arthritis who took turmeric supplement found that the stiffness of the joint was considerably reduced along with decrease in swelling around the joint. In fact, its effect was no less than other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

turmeric anti inflammatorySimilarly, it was also observed that administering turmeric anti-inflammatory supplement along with minerals like selenium gave considerable relief to patients with osteoarthritis.

The studies concluded that when it was taken regularly, this spice exhibited stronger anti-inflammatory action than many of the hydrocortisone drugs normally prescribed for treating inflammation of the joints.

Turmeric anti-inflammatory action has been successfully exploited for treating uveitis, an inflammatory condition of the eye, which is otherwise treated with strong doses of corticosteroid medication (Journal of Pytotherapy Research, June 1999). The patients were administered 125 mg per day of his herbal remedy for 3 months, according to the Linus Pauling Institute, where the clinical studies were carried out.

Inflammation in the skin can also be treated with paste of turmeric powder without fear of any adverse reaction.


For treating joints inflammation, a dose of about 400-600 mg of turmeric capsules or tablets 3 times per day seem to bring satisfactory results when it is taken for 2 months or more.

Natural remedy such as this herb can give long lasting relief. However, treatment with this herbal remedy will need to be followed for longer period  in order to get complete relief, e.g. three months or more.

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